Interpreting/ Translating

New: Sworn translation with e-signature possible!

Prices for sworn translations English-German (private persons): 0,14 € per Word or 1,40 € per line à 55 letters inclusive blank spaces, birth certificates 60,00€, marriage certificates 60€, if not more than 1 page.

For companies, prices depending on estimated expenditure of time.

I gladly interpret at conferences, seminars, etc. from and into German, English and Japanese.
- Carl-Zeiss AG Jena (business segment planetariums)
- Munakata Yurix Planetarium
- Saga National University, National University Corporation, Saga University, Faculty of Culture and Education,  International Studies of Culture Course, European and American Culture, Associate Professor Masahide GOTO
- Moses-Mendelssohn-Gesellschaft
- Bavarian Sports Youth Association

Moreover, I would like to translate your texts from English and Japanese into German.
Qualification: State-certified and sworn translator for English-German, member of BDÜ