About me

My major at Ludwig-Maximilians-University was Japanese Studies. After my Masters degree, I worked for two years as an administrative assistant at the Japanese Consulate in Munich. Subsequently I enrolled in a PhD scholarship project, writing my doctoral thesis about a Japanese philosopher who developed a philosophy based on Zen Buddhism and Western Idealism. On the successful completion of this project I began teaching German as a foreign language, after qualifying at the Goethe Institute as a teacher of German as a Foreign Language (Certificate German as a Foreign Language of the Goethe Institute). 
I acquired my knowledge of Japanese both here at Munich University, during a one year stay at Kyushu University in Fukuoka and during a two months stay at Kyoto university. I speak Japanese almost every day when teaching English and German to my Japanese students. (Certificate Japanese-Language Proficiency 2nd (日本語能力試験N2レベル).

I also aquired the qualification "sworn translator" in the languages English-German in 2017/2018.